Umesh Jivan and Veena Sheik started the company on 1 October 1989 at Sangro House, 417 Smith Street, Durban, which the Victor Daitz Trust then owned.

At the time, Victor Daitz ran his business operations from the same building, and as a result, Umesh Jivan had the opportunity to meet him frequently at the premises.

Umesh Jivan had obtained a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Durban-Westville, whilst Veena Sheik had completed a Diploma in Office Administration at the M. L. Sultan Technikon in Durban.

Several years after joining the practice, Veena was persuaded by Umesh Jivan to enrol as a candidate attorney and to study part-time for an LLB through the University of South Africa.

After obtaining her LLB degree, Veena became a partner in the practice and is the property department head.

On 1 January 1996, the partners moved the practice to larger premises at JHT House, 125 Gale St, Durban. They remained there for 14 years until moving to new premises at shop 11, Equinox, 12 Millennium Boulevard, Umhlanga Ridge, which is their current address.
The Umhlanga Ridge practice was opened on 1 October, 2010.

The practice is situated on the same street as the arched white Millennium bridge and is on the west side of the Gateway shopping centre, opposite the open-air gymnasium.

The firm has on-site parking, the entrance of which is on Equinox Road and has a rear entrance to the offices from the car park.

Since its inception, Jivan and Co.Inc has prided itself on offering affordable and valuable legal services to its clients, who now span two generations.

Accordingly, the motto of our firm has been: DO IT PROPERLY. CONSULT US FIRST! WE PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS.

We offer a wide range of services comprising of antenuptial contracts, marriage registration, contracts, litigation, collections, international contracts, wills, tax planning, the administration of deceased estates, property administration, sales, and the registration and cancellation of mortgage bonds.

We look forward to being of service to you, and you may call us for an free quotation for any of our legal services.

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Umesh Jivan. BA, LLB. (Photo)


In 2009, Jivan was elected as a non-executive director of a large privately owned insurance company in South Africa. He was re-elected to this position for two subsequent terms and retained the position for nine years.

In 2010, he was elected as a councillor of the KwaZulu Natal Law Society. After serving as a councillor and vice president, he was elected as the President of the society in 2017.

Jivan remained a councillor of the society until 2018, when the society was replaced by the Legal Practice Council: KwaZulu Natal.

During 2021, he was elected as a councillor of the Legal Practice Council: KwaZulu Natal for three years.

He has held the position of Law Society of South Africa's company law committee chairperson and still serves on the committee

He also serves as a director of the Legal Practitioners Development Fund. This non-profit organisation assists all legal practitioners in establishing their practices with an interest-free loan for one year to purchase the initial furniture and equipment required to start their practices

His interests include conservation, international relations between countries, art appreciation, travel, motor racing and reading non-fiction, with a particular interest in biographies.

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